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10 Questions About Social Media Marketing for Schools Answered

Social media marketing for schools is a big deal and it is pretty tough. When you go online you will see schools competing for social media recognition. The highly active social media networks - Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Google are all available for schools to leverage to gain brand recognition. Most schools are understaffed and do not have a budget for social strategy. As a matter of fact, in our social media survey of 100+ schools, we found that one-third of schools don't have any social media budget, and another one-third don't know how much to spend. Additionally, only 5% of respondents have social media marketing as a full-time job, and 68% dedicate five hours or less per week to social media marketing. Now you know that you are not alone. Many schools like yours are in the same boat. However, there are many of your competitors who know the benefit of social media marketing to their business and have a strong budget for it. We know how difficult …

15 Things Kid’s Really Want from Their Teachers

Teaching is a tasking job. All teachers were once students, so they try to put themselves in their shoes and try to help them the best way they can and be more effective. We are in the days when technology and innovations have taken over creating a gap in communication between teachers and students. Teaching is not all rosy as it may look. There are difficulties that arise in the learning process, and as a teacher, you must confront them.
To save teachers the trouble, time, and effort, these 15 points will give an insight into what students really want from their teachers. As students, this could serve as a voice of your expectations. As parents, this could be a great resource to help you know your kids better.

1.    Students want teachers whose focus Is on teaching

Teachers are often tempted to drift from their core purpose to be many things to the students. You would want to give them advice on which political party to support, which label makes the best clothes for children, the best ice cream shop, etc. In many ways, you try to shape their belief system, but kids do not like this, they have parents.
Students want a teacher who can focus on the primary assignment they are tasked to do for them.

2.    Students want teachers who are good class managers

Teachers tend to have favourite students in a class. It is natural to be attracted to some people more than others. As teachers, you should not take your likeness for some students to the next level. Do not favour some students over others. Students do not like this, they want a teacher who can manage the class fairly and be in control rather than be controlled by emotions for some students. 

3.    Students want teachers who make class interesting and fun

Kids are proactive and exuberant beings. Keep your class active and fun. Come up with activities that will be interesting for the students. Your approach to teaching must also be one they can enjoy participating.

4.    Students want a teacher who wants to help them learn

Students want to learn and expect the teacher to help them learn no matter what it takes. Some students learn faster than others, and not all students learn with the same approach. Teachers must ensure the students learn what they are being taught even if it requires a little (or a lot) more patience, guidance, and explanation. The focus should be on getting the child to learn.

5.    Students want teachers who are passionate

Students can tell when you love teaching them or if you cannot wait to leave the class. They want to know that you love your job. Have enthusiasm about teaching and show you love the subjects you are teaching. Students want to see this, and it will be an exciting factor to students.

6.    Students want teachers who will challenge them

Challenging your students here means you are showing and guiding them how to handle their tasks. Whatever task they are given – class projects or assignments- challenge them to get it done.

7.    Students want a teacher who is respectful

Students want you to respect them, and they want to be able to respect you. Respect is reciprocal.
To earn the respect of the student, you must be a teacher that is approachable, positive and nice.

8.    Students want teachers who can admit their mistakes

Students pay attention. They watch you and are attentive to your actions. They need to know that you have the capacity to offer direction in their class. When you make mistakes and admit to them, you show them that you are honest about who you are.

9.    Students want to be noticed

Yes, kids want to be noticed. Know their names and make comments that show you notice them.

10. Students also want space

Sometimes learning can get too much. Give them space and time to let it sink in. What you are trying to impact may take time. The students may need time to reflect, think, play, and process it.

11.   Students want a teacher who doesn’t just lecture

Students want to be taught and not just lectured. Teach them with examples they can relate to. Tell stories that will capture their imaginative mind. Your class learning should not just be a time of reading off a PowerPoint slide.

12. Students want teachers who value their time

Show your students that you value them and the effort they are putting into learning. Commend them and encourage them, by doing that you show them that you value their time.

13. Students want teachers who can relate to them

They want a deeper teacher/student relationship. They want you to understand them and get to know they really are.

14. Students want teachers who encourage them to speak up

Give your students the freedom to ask questions and share their perspectives.

15. Students want teachers who are lenient

Be easy to get along with. The school has moved on from being overly strict and rigid. Students want teachers who are calm and humane.
Being a teacher is a huge calling. You have the responsibility of making an impact in the child’s life. Do all you can to be that teacher every student wants to have.
This article was first published on DucoBrands.


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