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10 Questions About Social Media Marketing for Schools Answered

Social media marketing for schools is a big deal and it is pretty tough. When you go online you will see schools competing for social media recognition. The highly active social media networks - Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Google are all available for schools to leverage to gain brand recognition. Most schools are understaffed and do not have a budget for social strategy. As a matter of fact, in our social media survey of 100+ schools, we found that one-third of schools don't have any social media budget, and another one-third don't know how much to spend. Additionally, only 5% of respondents have social media marketing as a full-time job, and 68% dedicate five hours or less per week to social media marketing. Now you know that you are not alone. Many schools like yours are in the same boat. However, there are many of your competitors who know the benefit of social media marketing to their business and have a strong budget for it. We know how difficult …

First Private Medical University Opens In Rivers (PHOTO)

The first private medical university in Nigeria, Pamo University of Medical Sciences, was last weekend opened in Port Harcourt to bridge the gap of inadequate manpower in the medical and healthcare sector. Davidson Iriekpen was there

With a colourful ceremony to install its Chancellor, General Abdulsalami Abubakar (rtd) at the weekend, Pamo University of Medical Sciences (PUMS) officially announced the formal opening of the institution in Port Harcourt, Rivers State. From every part of the country, dignitaries came to witness the history. The university, which is the first private medical university in Nigeria, is solely for producing graduates in the medical field.

The university, which is being promoted by former Governor of Rivers State and renowned medical doctor, Peter Odili and a few other stakeholders, was conceived and given birth to in order to bridge the gap of inadequate manpower in the medical and healthcare sector. It is well-equipped with modern facilities not only found in developed countries, but not available in most public institutions in the country. One of the advantages PUMS has is that it has an already-made teaching hospital – Pamo Specialist Hospital – established by Odili in the late 1980s. So as students are learning theoretically, they are also doing practicals in order to have full medical knowledge and experience.

The institution is fully residential with tasteful facilities to give the students adequate comfort. It also has a police post to provide it and the entire community with security.

Those who were there to witness the epoch event agreed that PUMS could not have come at a better time than now when medical education in the country is facing the challenges of access, quality and relevance. This is compounded by the inadequate number of medical and health professionals practicing in the country. Presently, the medical schools in the country cannot absorb the number of qualified candidates who are interested in pursuing courses in the medical field. Universities in Nigeria, whether private or public that offer medicine are distracted by other courses since they are not specialist institutions. This is where PUMS stands out.

According to statistics, Nigeria has only 35 per cent of her requirement for medical practitioners. This gloomy picture is worsened by the fact less than five per cent of qualified applicants can be admitted into degree programmes in medical and health sciences in all universities every year in the country on account of limited spaces.

Already, the university has commenced admission of students for courses such as anatomy, biochemistry, human nutrition and dietetics, pharmacology and physiology in the Faculty of Basic Medical Sciences, as well as Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery (MBBS) in the Faculty of Clinical Sciences. The institution is sited in a serene atmosphere in a large expanse of land off Aba Road in Port Harcourt.

Because of the crises that have characterised public and most private universities in the country, PUMS in order to ensure that it achieves its core mandate of producing quality medical doctors and personnel in the country, has set the rules for incoming students. These rules, the management of the school has promised, it won’t compromise.

First, it said the admission process would strictly be based on merit and that students must be resident on campus. It added that for students to concentrate on their studies and not unnecessarily show off their background, they would not be allowed to use cars on campus; they will not be free to stroll in and out of campus at will. It warned that there would be absolute zero tolerance for cultism and related vices for both staff and students, even visitors, parents and guardians would not be allowed to stroll in and out of campus at will.

The school added that students would not be allowed to expose their bodies indecently, as there would be a dress code for lectures and official functions for both students and officials.

Perhaps the high point of the occasion marking the formal opening of the institution was the investiture of Abdulsalami as the chancellor. Speaking, the former Head of State said the university could not have come at a better time than now to fill the gap left by most institutions in the country. He decried the inability of most Nigerian public universities to provide standard medical-related programmes, promising that PUMS would strive to address all the challenges facing medical education and practice in the country as it aims to achieve global excellence in terms of teaching, research and community services.

Abdulsalami said the university will produce graduates in different fields of medicine who are not only competent in their profession, but also entrepreneurial, ICT driven and that are worthy in character and learning.
He listed inadequate number of qualified medical practitioners and the rising migration of the few well-qualified medical practitioner as part of the reasons for medical tourism with billions of naira “spent annually in foreign countries to treat ailments which could have been easily treated in Nigeria if there are adequately qualified doctors in the country.”
He also lamented the increasing outflow of students seeking tertiary medical education in neighbouring African countries such as Ghana, Uganda and Sudan and other countries outside the continent with disastrous consequences.


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