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10 Questions About Social Media Marketing for Schools Answered

Social media marketing for schools is a big deal and it is pretty tough. When you go online you will see schools competing for social media recognition. The highly active social media networks - Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Google are all available for schools to leverage to gain brand recognition. Most schools are understaffed and do not have a budget for social strategy. As a matter of fact, in our social media survey of 100+ schools, we found that one-third of schools don't have any social media budget, and another one-third don't know how much to spend. Additionally, only 5% of respondents have social media marketing as a full-time job, and 68% dedicate five hours or less per week to social media marketing. Now you know that you are not alone. Many schools like yours are in the same boat. However, there are many of your competitors who know the benefit of social media marketing to their business and have a strong budget for it. We know how difficult …

6 Reasons Your School Is in Need of a Well-Executed Brand Strategy

Your school’s brand is how you are identified and remembered. Individuals' perception of your school depends on how you showcase your school to them. That is, what you make them see. Your logo and school colours can evoke feelings of profound admiration or detachment. You get to decide your own narrative. 
There are many schools providing quality education in the same area your school is situated; your brand is your chance to differentiate your school from the crowd. You decide what you want your school to be known for and then translate that into your school’s branding.
1. Your Brand Is Your Identity
Your brand is how people perceive you. It is the image of you people have in their memory about you. Your brand is what people say about you when you are not in the room. You cannot dictate what people think, say or feel but you can sure influence it.
Branding helps you create an identity that agrees with your core purposes, thus helping people who are new to your school to relate to it and have trust in it. 
Parents tend to choose schools that are in line with their own values, and trusts such a school to cater for the needs of their children. 
Without an effective brand that speaks to the hearts of parents, it will be difficult to persuade them to enroll their children to your school. 
2. Your Brand Is Your First Impression
You are seen before you are heard. Your brand speaks to the visual senses, first. Gone are the days your first impression is when people see you. In the digital world, your first impression precedes you. Your brand speaks for you before people get to come to your school to experience you.
You only have one chance to make a strong first impression, so you must make sure your brand communicates strongly about your school’s values and prestige. Your brand identity must speak well about you. Truth is, your brand identity speaks louder than all the marketing done by your school. 
Do not confuse your audience with conflicting brand stories. Consistency has a huge part to play here. All school materials, brochures and prospectus, both print and digital must all carry same message and must align with your brand identity. This consistency conveys a strong brand that is much easier to remember and trust.

3. Your Brand Builds Trust
In any business, customers are prone to trust brands that have stood the test of time, and so is the case for schools. Schools with an outstanding reputation for excellence in learning are innately trusted by parents and students. This does not imply that schools that are fairly new are disadvantaged, it basically goes to demonstrate the significance of building up a strong brand identity.
A strong brand immediately sets you apart from your competitors and establishes you as a prestigious educational institution to reckon with. When parents trust your brand, they will be at peace enrolling their children in your school. 
That is to say that building a strong brand for your school gets more students enrolled to your school, and that means more revenue for you.

4. A Strong Brand Commands Higher Prices
Have you ever wondered why people would buy a bottle of a particular soft drink for N150 when there is a lower-priced option for N100? The answer is branding.
When you build a strong brand for your product, people will be willing to pay a higher price to get it even though there are alternatives with much lower prices. With strong branding, people will pay higher school fees to enroll in your school. 
After you build a strong brand for your school, you will notice that parents will pay as much as you ask to enrol their children in your school. Branding makes all the difference for schools.

5. Your Brand Provides a Competitive AdvantageYour school operates in a highly competitive environment. Your school needs to compete with other schools for students. You are faced with competing with other schools within your target audience to get the attention of parents and get them to choose your school over others. To win, your school needs to plan and implement a strategy. Your school needs to have a comprehensive guide to specific activities and measures for achieving your goals and outmaneuvering your competition. When done effectively, your school's brand reflects your strategic plan and promotes vital ideas and initiatives that will move your school forward and make you achieve business success.

6. Branding Sets Expectations
Everything in the world we live in today is based on promises. The electrician promises to do a good job, testing and testing to ensure everything is working properly. Eateries promise to give fresh meals made in clean kitchens. Normally, as a general rule promises are kept up in view of the person's own particular good and moral code. We have an implicit contract with the general population we live and work with, that they will do what they say they'll do. We have same agreements with organizations, products, and services.
Same applies to your school. It is your responsibility to ensure you keep the promises made to parents that you will provide good education and a healthy and safe learning environment for their children. 
At the core of branding is the promise that is made by your school to your audience. Your school’s brand promise tells your audience who you are, what your beliefs are, and what value you provide. The capacity to fulfill your promise at each phase of the relationship is the defining factor for your school’s success. At the point when promises are broken, the reputation of your school is questioned. When brand promises are fulfilled, your audience reacts with loyalty. 
We experience brand promises every day. The things that influence parent’s choices for schools has much to do with the brand identity these schools have created for themselves. 
This article was first published on DucoBrands


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